Your Future And Achieve Your Goals

Our Secure Future Solution® is a three-step process to guide you in taking full control of your financial destiny and improving the quality of your life. You will have a team of trusted financial advisors overseeing the process in conjunction with a customized investment management program guided by a detailed financial analysis system. The three steps are:

The Workshop

  • Assess your current situation
  • Map your goals
  • Identify roadblocks to fulfilling your vision

The Planning Sessions

  • Devise strategies to overcome roadblocks
  • Review and analyze your data
  • Design your plan
  • Build your team of trusted advisors
  • Establish your first action steps

The Progress Sessions

  • Implement your plan
  • Review your progress annually
  • Refine your plan as needed
  • Develop further action steps

At Leonetti & Associates, we pride ourselves on constructing financial plans with the utmost in personal attention and customization. Whether you have complex needs or require special attention in just one or two areas, our Leonetti Analysis Index is designed to meet your objectives. The special analyses include:

  • Education Funding Analysis. Fund your desired education expense in a tax-efficient manner.
  • Investment Analysis. Coordinate sound investment strategies with your personal risk tolerance.
  • Strategic Asset Allocation Analysis. Allocate your assets for returns consistent with your risk level and objectives.
  • Cash Flow Analysis. Increase your savings and cash available for investment.
  • Estate Planning Analysis. Your assets go to your intended beneficiaries with minimal taxes and costs.
  • Stock Options Analysis. Maximize gains and minimize taxes with long-term diversification.
  • Insurance Analysis. You have the right amount and type of coverage for you, your family, and your business.
  • Financial Independence Analysis. Form a strategy to maintain financial independence over your lifetime.
  • Survivor Income Needs Analysis. Your loved ones’ income needs are met.
  • Income Tax Analysis. Minimize your tax liability.
  • Employment Benefits Analysis. Understand and maximize the benefit plans available to you.