Your Partner

For Financial Success

Managing your investments effectively is a vital part of ensuring your financial future.

Leonetti & Associates focuses on achieving investment returns consistent with your objectives and risk tolerance level. Our fee-only investment services may use both in-house portfolio managers and outside investment company products depending on your individual needs. We build your portfolio using strategic asset allocation and then adjust your exposure to different asset classes based on market conditions and changes in your life situation.

We use both passive and active investing strategies to create highly integrated and customized investment services, always with your goals and your best interests at the forefront. We invest in both U.S. and international stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded vehicles, and alternative investments when appropriate.

Our Process

Our managed accounts are overseen by our Portfolio Managers. The process begins with our Financial Advisers setting the asset allocation for the portfolios.

We build fixed-income allocations by reviewing various economic factors such as interest rates, economic expectations, and inflation, and then choose among various categories such as TIPS, government bonds, corporate bonds, municipals, international holdings, and high-yield investment vehicles.

The fixed-income portion of portfolios is built with a view of safety and stability. Individual corporate bonds are selected based upon stable and proven business models, significant market capitalization, sufficient cash flow generation, and manageable debt turnover requirements.

Individual municipal securities selections are based upon their ability to generate cash to meet ongoing needs and ongoing budget requirements. Exchange-traded products and bond mutual funds are used in order to take advantage of market situations in which individual securities do not provide enough liquidity or safety to use.

We build equity allocations by choosing among various asset classes and sub-classes, including U.S. domestic equities of various capitalization size and style, international holdings, and alternative investments.

The portion of the portfolio that will be invested in equities is constructed using a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. This approach is used to identify the state of the markets, measuring the strength of the economy and the individual holdings that will comprise the portfolio.

In actually building the portfolios, we use individual stocks, exchange-traded funds, and/or mutual funds. Individual stocks provide the ability for our portfolios to participate in specific growth situations, emphasize an investment theme or story, or simply serve as an undervalued holding. Exchange-traded funds give us the flexibility to be represented in different asset classes and sub-classes and get exposure to a specific industry when it might be favorable for the growth of the portfolio.

Our portfolio managers then begin selecting the specific investment vehicles we will use to fill the allocation.

Customized To You

To customize your portfolio for you, we:

  • Define Your Goals. We identify what you want to achieve, over what time frame, and your acceptable level of volatility.
  • Set Your Fixed-Income Percentages. Based on your objectives and risk tolerance, we may place a certain portion of your assets in fixed-income vehicles chosen for safety and steady yield.
  • Apply The Equity Component. (As outlined above)
  • Review Progress. Monitor daily for possible adjustments.